Bankruptcy is tough. It affects your dignity, your emotional well-being and of course your finances. As crucial as it is to have emotional support from family and friends, it is equally crucial to employ the services of a sharp and experienced lawyer. If you have been declared bankrupt or you are filing for bankruptcy, the most important priority is to hire a sharp bankruptcy attorney.However, do not hire anyone from just another hole-in-the-wall law firm, these certain points will help you get a good lawyer:-1. Do not delay in hiring the services of a good bankruptcy lawyer. Check for referrals and look for one within your own state. Laws differ, and different rules apply in different states. For example: if you are a native of Boston, look only for a reputed and tough bankruptcy Boston lawyer from a Boston bankruptcy law firm. A Boston chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy attorney will not be too well-versed with the bankruptcy laws of, say Georgia.2. The bankruptcy lawyer you employ has to safeguard your assets and protect your legal rights. If you have the option, hire someone who gets along fine with you. The purpose is to be comfortable with him or her, in order to be able to open up and be honest about your legal problems. This is crucial as he or she has to tackle your bankruptcy problems.3. Bankruptcy is a serious issue, make sure the attorney you hire is well-versed and experienced with all the legal problems that will come. He should be a committed and tough lawyer, someone who can alleviate the harassment and negotiate with the debtors, the problems you have.4. Find out how the lawyer and his firm will charge you. Before anything else, clear out and know about the charges of the services offered depending on the kind of the contract draft. A crucial factor you must take care of is their service charge fees and the process in which it will be paid.It is a tough process but remember, you are not the first person to ever face bankruptcy. What do boxing legend Mike Tyson, Oscar winning actress Kim Bassinger, Grammy award diva Toni Braxton, business mogul Donald Trump, late president Abraham Lincoln and playwright Oscar Wilde share in common? And no, the answer is not oodles of talent. All of them have declared bankruptcy one time or the other. They have not been very good with their finances and the people who handle them. You can always learn from their mistakes and listed below are some points to remember in order to keep a steady mind are:1. Remember that as hard and painful a situation as it may be, it is only a temporary, passing phase. Soon enough, everything will be under control.2. It’s a no-brainer but you have to take care of your finances or take help from reliable professionals. Hire financial and legal support. You need professional advice and help to tackle the bankruptcy filing process.3. Let go of negativity and don’t become self-deprecatory. Remember that old adage, ‘its not how you fall, its how you get up’. Stop feeling pity for yourself and do something constructive. If required, it is suggested you meet a therapist.4. It’s never too late. So, be on the look out for new jobs, new opportunities to start afresh. The process may be long but the lesson you learn is worth a lifetime.5. Make no errors in hiring a good lawyer. This point is mentioned repeatedly, as after you file for bankruptcy, it is the efficacy of the lawyer you associate with, that finalizes your future.Do not make haste in choosing a bankruptcy attorney, as every step you take after this must be taken with great care. No mistakes can be allowed, make sure you too do not err in the lawyer you hire.Sad it may be, but it only is temporary.