Have you spent a lot of countless time thinking about getting the right bankruptcy advice but you don’t know whom to turn to and who will listen. Do you think that when you go to talk to someone about bankruptcy advice that they will look at you as if you are foolish and send you out the door? You shouldn’t think this, because a ton of people file bankruptcy in their lifetime so you would by far not be the first to start seeking the right bankruptcy advice.Bankruptcy comes in quit handy if you are up to your knees and debt and just can’t get your way out no matter what you do. When you file for bankruptcy an “automatic stay” will be put onto your account. Automatic stay means that the person who is trying to take the money from you will not be able to precede to legal action and has to stop pestering you about an unpaid debt.Bankruptcy can not eliminate student loans, unless you can prove that they are hard to pay back, which is going to be hard to do, along with this, bankruptcy can not stop you from having to pay child support, child support is something that needs to be paid in the first place so there is not going to be any way out of it, along with secured debts. Declaring bankruptcy can stop the company that you owe money to stop calling you and harassing you, bankruptcy can eliminate the debt that you owe on credit cards along with eliminate some liens.When you are seeking advice for bankruptcy, just like anything, there are a lot of hotlines that you can call to get information from, if you are looking to find the hotline number you can try searching for it on an internet search engine or asking a friend or family members. Whatever your needs for seeking bankruptcy advice may be, you are sure to find it because bankruptcy happens a lot in this world.