Financial troubles seem to be happening more often today than in previous years. There are many things you need to know about bankruptcy before you entertain the idea. Laws are changing to make bankruptcy difficult in some areas because of the mass amount of bankruptcies.If you are headed down the road for bankruptcy you should first consult all your options by speaking with a qualified representative from a place such as ableconsulting. Ableconsulting is available for those in financial woes.They offer several options that you may not have tried regarding your financial dilemma. One option is the IVA, which allows you to write off your debt in less than five years. This option requires you to create a legal contract between your creditors. The CVA also requires a contract between you and your creditors, however you may have to provide a settlement or create a compromise while you cease trading.When you are heading towards bankruptcy you may find you need an administrator to help you with your financial problems. An administrator is available to help manage your company’s affairs, business and/ or property.The administrator is the next step towards bankruptcy. Liquidation i another option that may keep you from bankruptcy as a last effort. Liquidation allows you to sell off all of your assets in an attempt to recoup your losses and pay off your debts. If the above options do not work you may find that bankruptcy is your only alternative in getting your debts legally discharged.When you file for bankruptcy any debt included in the bankruptcy will be unpaid. The creditors no longer have the right to pursue you for unpaid debts. There are downsides to filing bankruptcy such as closing your business, not being able to get a new business loan for a period of time, and having bad credit to fix with the stigma of a bankruptcy.